CSEP provides a comprehensive curriculum that treats the whole person, helping to transform anxiety and fear into positive, self-empowering practices. Our simple methods build on a participant’s own inner strengths and resiliency of spirit. The program offers each participant an opportunity to become part of a supportive, compassionate community that learns together and leans on one another. The curriculum focuses on the following facets of healing:

Nutrition – Utilize proper nutrition as a cancer-fighting strategy. A balanced diet builds strength and energy, assisting your body’s own defense system in coping with the side effects and symptoms of cancer.

Physiology – Learn about the physiology of stress and relaxation, and how meditation affects the functioning of your body.

Community – Gain social support from your facilitators and others who are on similar journeys.

Physical Wellness – Experience the restorative healing of gentle exercise and yoga. Release stored tension and facilitate relaxation, while reducing pain and fatigue. Learn about the benefits of exercise during cancer treatment.

Emotional/Spiritual Wellness – Discover the effects of mindfulness meditation, the power of visualization and imagery, and the benefits of journaling. Learn effective coping skills for managing stress.

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Sagewood Wellness Center
32234 Paseo Adelanto, Suite E
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 496-2821

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